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  •    Dark Levels Guidelines

    Follow the terms for the correct rank too be challenged beyond the shadows.

    Failure to follow the rules and terms correctly will result in a "Invalid" trial.
    All Completed Trials that were not witnessed by a Council member are too be Broadcasted under the Dark Jedi News Board. Any non-Council members must PM a Council member in the Success of the member.

    Council Members must announce the success of the member who past his test with a short detail on his/her improvement.

    All trials but be done in front of a Council member. If none are present contact one. If still none are available proceed anyways but make sure there is least 1 eye witness other then yourself. *Read above*

    Any rank that clearly states "Otherwise" is a shortcut.
    Otherwise is like doing something out of rank and extreme.

                                    Levels of the Empire


    You are now a member of the Dark Jedi Empire and have proven yourself worthy of it's teachings. You will remain a student for as long as the clan sees fit and may be subject to testing without even knowing so keep in mind you're being watched.

    Since the player is a Student he is too be watched by all ranks besides other students.
    At that time any member who believes the Student is ready is too bring it up to the Council. They will confirm this and appoint someone too Trial them.

    If they seem better skilled then the time they joined they are Promoted to Warrior.
    Any means to confirm they are ready is welcome to begin.
    If you fail any test you wont be told since you wouldn't of known you were tested.



    You are excelling in the ways of the Dark Jedi ways, you have also proven yourself adept with the use of force and saber. You will now be trained under an Apprentice or Destroyer members to hone your skills.

    Waiting out your life for 3 weeks being a active player among the guild will grant you
    privilege to take your Fighter trials. You must show you can inflect pain on your enemies and embrace the darkness.

    You must defeat a fellow Fighter rank member 4 out of 6
    If non is within reach then a Destroyer or Apprentice will do. Fail this task and you subject to wait another 4 days with no mercy.
    Do not Fail us again



    You have shown to be quiet the warrior or shale we say fighter now to be in the Empire. Your lust for power makes you strong and your abilities show you are willing to go even more. Your next step into greatness is the Destroyer.

    Continue down the road you wait out your destiny for 4 weeks by being an active member even more not just here but our in the galaxy, or "Otherwise"
    Show you are in control and not the puppet.

    Too gain the power you greed for, the power of Destroyer you must
    show that you can defeat an Apprentice rank or another Destroyer 5 out of 8.
    Failure will result in you waiting an extra 2 days.
    Failure should be banished.


    You have proven yourself to be a true Dark Jedi and have shown strength and devastating power within the force. Your anger and hate makes you strong with the force and have made your Lord pleased with you. You may Train Warriors, Students, Fighters or other Destroyers to help in there own training.

    You have come far in your path and now its time too see if you truly belong.
    Stay as you are for another 6 weeks(1Month,2 weeks) or "Otherwise" You are now trying for Apprentice.

    Too prove you are right for the Apprentice ranking system, defeat no..slaughter a Red Knight who skills may surpass your own, 5 out of 7 times without failure.
    If you happen to fail then you proven you are not ready and will re-wait your full 5 weeks. There is no mercy here.



    You are now an apprentice of a Master or Council.You are his right hand man so to speak and trusted with knowledge of saber and force tactics used by this Master. You will not be trained by other Member's other then your Master only IF your master gives Rights to other masters.

    Everything is up to your Master,how he trains and how you listen is up too you. All training will only be done by your Master and no one else. How long you wait too be promoted is also up to them because they are your master in choice so you will obey.
    You will be subjected too duels against other apprentices from other masters, random tasks from your master and a Rancor will be defeated in a way...death is for sure.
    OR You will be Promoted by going too the advance stages. "See below for details"

    Tasks must be something that takes Skill, Timing, Wits to do No Worthless Task such as Killing a Jedi. The future masters are in your hands.
    -End Note-

    Obey your Master, The masters have full rights too do as they please. But for sake haven, Please allow 1 month of training unless they "Advance"
    Other then that how you rank up too Red Knight is up to Master.




    Advance Saber Cycle
    You have to Continue to use the style your rank stands for below, You will not change.
    Normal Saber (Single), Dual Saber, Staff Saber, and
    then Red Knight


    Advance Apprentice
    Advance Champion

    Advanced Apprentice 

    You have proven that you can handle a saber like a true death bringer of light, but you are far from complete.Step up your game and further your training.

    When it is time, close to 3 weeks or 2 months your master will request you challenge a Red Knight. Bring down his blade 4 out of 8 and progress from there.

    Failures will not be tolerated, your master will decide the wait of your punishment.

    Advanced Champion

    You are now an Advanced Champion. Your superior strength and skill are well respected. You now are close to becoming a Red Knight, but you must prove yourself.....

    Its time to prove it, are you able to become a Knight of the empire? Complete a single task that is required, and Defeat your master and only your master 2/2 with no fails.

    Failures are not required, if you do your master will punish you. Its up too him how it ends.

    Tasks must be something that takes Skill, Timing, Wits to do No Worthless Task such as Killing a jedi. The Future =R= is in your hands. 
    -End Note-

     Red Knight
    Red Knights are the top of the food chain in the advanced saber circle. They are well verse in the use of a saber and  the dark side of the force. Red Knights are also Guardians of all apprentices in the clan, and will defend the honor of the empire in any situation! The only path now is to becoming a Master of the dark side.

    You wish to become a master? well that is something that takes time and you have plenty of it. Your master,and  the clan...all must accept you as a higher equal. But of above all the council must know of your powers. Show you are ready.
    The wait is unlimited, your master has full say now, you are his Apprentice and if all fails..he fails.

    Be active as possible, help other apprentices gain strength, share your wisdom with low ranks.  You will soon be confronted by the council when the time comes with questions and tasks.
    Once all is ready and Accepted the Trial begins.
    Defeat the fellow Infernal Guardian or Shadow Commander in a 1 vs 1 Duel and win 3 times (3/3) using 2 styles(Single,Duels,Staff)
    Last and final is you will defeat your Master...without losing HALF your HP
    100/0 =GOOD               99/0 =BAD

    *When Ready the Master MUST set a Date/Time for there apprentice to be trialed on.*
    Master of the Brotherhood, Lord, Infernal Guardian: Must be Present *Total of 2*
    -End Note-


    (Council Member)
    You are very skilled in the ways of the force. You may now be involved in closed clan meetings, and take on Apprentices as you train them in the ways of the Dark side.  Also you may now rank member's up until Master level, and Train any other member's.


    Apprentices are assigned to you by your lord. But that does not mean you cannot make suggestions as to who you deem worthy of your wisdom



    Shadow Commander
    This means you give commanding orders in clan matches and any other team based contests/Tournament. You are respected within the circle of the Dark Jedi. And your judgement is trusted by the Lords themselves. You also control the clans Allies and Clan-Wars during them times.

    *Masters Only or "Otherwise"*
    Too gain the rank of Shadow commander
    you will be chosen if worthy.
    You will then face two other council members in a Tag Team duel.

    Example: Infernal Guardian and MB Vs you
    MB and Lord Vs You
    Infernal Guardian and Lord Vs You

    the testing master gets 100/100

    Others get 100/100

    he/she duels one of them until defeated and then the other jumps in

    *If you fail any path the =L= or =MS= will decide if you are worthy for a retry later in the future*

    No Force, Grapples, NO Health/Shield Packs.


    Infernal Guardian
    The Guardians are entrusted with the conservation of the history and tradition of our clan. They have different roles in the clan. They can be personal body guards to the lords themselves or enforcers the Rules and keep peace at clan matches. They are the most deadliest and merciless of the clan. The role of the Guardian is a very ceremonial position in the clan, not an active role unless under orders from the Dark Lords.


    To gain Infernal Guardian you must simply bring it up too the council members mainly the Lord and MB, then they will give you a task too prove if you are worthy of the title.
    Asking repeatedly will gain you nothing!

    *Any member may request this, and only if you prove a good and sure reason WHY, You may be asked yourself, feel free to decline...you wont be asked again*


    Dark Lord of  The Dark Jedi Empire who rules with an iron fist. Testing this person would not be a smart idea for a true dark lord shows no mercy. Sometimes kills without warning and shows little resolve when disrespected.

     This rank is earned and granted too Worthy WORTHY players. Your time and age in the clan, your set of wisdom, your career and everything.
    Don't ask for this title.

    Original Dark Lord of <{DJE}>

    Lord Malice, Lord Avatar, Lord spAde, and Lord Ash
    Rest In Peace



    Master of the Brotherhood


    Master Brotherhood is a permanent instructor position in the clan. He/She is the go between of the Lower and Upper ranks of the clan. In this position he/she will train and instruct Students and Apprentices in several facets of clan workings, timing, patients and humility. If the Lord is the Father of the clan then the MB is the big brother of the clan. They are the second command so if Lord is not present during issues the =MB= will take charge until Lord is present.Once you have accepted the rank of Master of the Brotherhood there is 
    ONLY!!! two ways for you to lose it.

    1. Quit! the clan, or Find a replacement.

    2.If you are challenged for the position.

    Terms of Challenging:

    You must best the current =MB= in 10/10 duels.

    If you fail, that was the only shot no retries on New MB in future.


    There is only one =MB= in the clan at a time, remember only 1 chance only in your life time.
    Final note is every new MB has 1 (one) week of safe time. Meaning for one week they can not be challenged.
    Give them some time to enjoy what they won then let the blood shed begin.

    Legacy Master of the Brotherhood
    SaberNaked- 0 loses for 1 year.

    Message of The Day
    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” - Terry Pratchett
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