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Dark Jedi Empire
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  • The Dark Jedi Empire Was built under the game Star Wars Jedi Knights Jedi Academy. It was constructed under Leader/Lord and Founder Malice. The Clan was once 2 in one but was later split due to Power of the Other and so the Dark Jedi Empire was single. It was Built 2005-2007. In the Year 2008 It was rebuilt by a Two Last remaining members, Sith Guardian Bacon and Sith Commander Flame who together with hardship and ways they remember rebuild the long forgotten guild

    The clan was build as a Safe haven for those who were shun out of the Jedi Order, Council or some other means. The world of the Jedi has always been wrongly made with its trades of protecting the weak, keeping secrets from everyone and wasteful talent. We here in brotherhood do not do such things we simply allow everyone to follow in the true path all men and women must follow, The Dark Side. Tho we aren't Sith who are born to follow it, we all were Jedi trained in the art of the Light and followed the code but even with it we sought out more in our selves. The Dark Jedi Empire
    follows the Dark Jedi ways. Similar to Sith trades but we have more control over our selves and use the power of darkness to fulfill our needs of anger, hate, lust, pride and revenge.

    Together as one and as an whole we will 'Rule the Galaxy with an Iron Fist' and bring 'Death to the Light'

    Message of The Day
    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” - Terry Pratchett
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