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  • Dark Jedi Empire Code Of Conduct

    "Personal power is weak. It is the power of one. But Honor can be upheld by all."- Xnuiem

    Rules are as follows, live by them or face the consequences!

    1. No lamming

    -Lamming is attacking or killing another player with their saber(s) down or chat box up. same goes for when a player just exits a duel, as well as saber poke. Saber poke is when you go up to a player with your saber out and just stand there as your saber clashes off of the other player. Also Kick spamming, which is kicking the other player repeatly. You don't want it done to you so don't do it.

    2. No Recruiting
    - If we catch you recruiting on our server then you will be extremely punished, either by ban or kick. If we catch you in the logs then you will be banned. If someone complains about you recruiting we will ask you before we enforce any punishment. Warning are give out first time trouble makers. We ask you to not do it again

    3. Show respect to the Lords and Masters
    - If you do not agree with them please do not create a fight on the server to distract our fellow players. Please take all arguments either to the forums or on an instant messenger.

    4. Obey the Match and Rules
    . In clan matches do not argue with the Lords or Commanders at all
    - If you fail to obey this rule you will be kicked and we will finish the match without you. We cannot tolerate a clan argument during a clan match, plus it shows the other clan that our relationships together are very weak.

    5. Don't be an ass
    ( that means no whining, no racial slurs, and respect others. this is a game that every player should have fun with, so treat it as such. )

    6. Don't ask for admin, or promotions unless you are ready for one.
    ( It gets annoying after you keep asking and it makes us not want to give you the privilege of admiring our server, or ranking up,
    if you deserve it and we trust you it will be given, and remember that admin status, and rank status are privileges, not rights. )

    7.Member Training
    7. Only Masters are allowed to train members
    .......that is why they are called Masters. Doing so may result in ejection from the clan with no chance to return.
    Lords and Master  are also allowed to have apprentices, students are encouraged to train with anyone in the clan. Train as in share tips and being sparring partners. For real training report to a master until you reach apprenticeship.

    8. Absolutely NO!! Admin abuse,

    -if you are caught abusing admin it will cost you your admin rights and possibly ejected from the clan

    9. Wear them proud
    Clan skins are not required to be worn unless engaged in a match with another clan, it helps us spot the enemy quicker and causes less confusion. Also if you choose to wear a clan skin you must wear the skin that is according to your rank. getting caught doing otherwise will result in punishment.The skins are marked on the icon as to what rank is which, initiates are rank Destroyer and lower.

    10.Ranking Up
    Trails for ranking take place with the presence of a Lord, if trails are given without a lord present your fellow members must confirm with the most active Dark Lord at the time that this member did indeed pass his/her trails.
    Apprentices are trailed by their master without the permission of a Lord. They are your apprentice there for your responsibility to make sure that they are trained to the best of your ability.*Refer to Terms*

    Server Rules Know to Us

    Rules Told by the Lord 

    1) Melee- On the Empire server we allow that while in melee your are disarmed so you can not be lamed, UNLESS you attack someone with melee then you will die.

    While in Duel Zone or after accepting a duel from another player you are fighting to the death. Which means you can be lamed while fighting if Chat goes up, some players wont attack some will You been warned.

     3) This should be as one of the Major rules but Do Not SPAM Binds or Text messages.

    No Double clanning PERIOD! (Even if of Different Mods) -RPG groups allowed ONLY if it doesn't restrict your duties as a member.

    5) Just because we have a few modded sabers such as the Hammer, and Mace doesn't mean you should be using them in Duels and on Players who don't have them, they are only for NPC, Bots or if EVERYONE is using them. Caught using them on other players: Punishment: Kick from server, Continue: Ban for 24 hours.

    6) Do not bring our Evil name bad honor to us by going off to servers and running your mouth. It makes us look like a uncontrollable clan and we loose a lot of Respect for it. If a problem is issued Contact the Lords and the Leaders of the Other clan. A Meeting will be held

    Message of The Day
    “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” - Terry Pratchett
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